Saturday, July 26, 2008


Around five thirty in the morning, I and fourteen other people silently crowded into a van. Though up all night, the stars had not yet slid under the warm covers of the morning. Even so, I was still to tired to give them much notice. We began to make our way down a 7k dirt path towards a road more fit for the distance still ahead. Fortunately, the river decided to let us pass through unhindered.
As we drove, a thick, grey-white fog rose up from the ground. It looked indignant towards the morning’s offer of respite. It would not so quickly give up it’s post - clothing the bottoms of trees and providing them with a certain look of nobility. It remained longer then the stars, and it did not exit until escorted out with the colors of the sky. And what colors they were! No painter (with all the paint in the world) or photographer (with all the film in the world) could ever quite capture such majesty (that which cannot be separated from the sensitivity found in someone made wise by age). To say that they could, I think, would be like saying that an image of a dear friend could be made, such that, as long as the image remained, the friend would not be missed. No, I will not try and enslave the colors with words. If you have seen them, you know them.
As I sat there, wedged between the back door and someone’s grandmother, the morning danced around us. The subtle curves of the mountains made for a stage far better than any performance hall could ever be, or ever hope to be. Then entered the sun, stage east. And as it did, every other creature aware of the awakening quietly gave pause. Just as it seemed all of creation was ready to offer worship - the sun gave up it’s beauty, as if to say, “There is One much greater than me.” The day became like any other.
I could not help but mourn this surrender - what I could see with my eyes and feel with my heart was gone. Yet, I too could do nothing other than say, “There is One much greater than us. There is One much grater than this. Now is but a dream - just a moment between sleep and the awakening."